Everyone suspected the creator of these Lords of Lunacy might be a bit unbalanced. Bonkers. Off-kilter. (Dare we say ‘crackpot’?)

Let’s face it, some of the pranks and practical jokes that Wally & Sid perpetrate on an unsuspecting public, are suspiciously reminiscent of the shenanigans this writer has been known to carry out many times during his less-than-illustrious life.

Having visions of grandeur can be detrimental to one’s health, and this writers’ dream of achieving total global domination has clearly affected his mind.

It’s no secret that writing humor can take its toll on one’s psyche, and there is no doubt that creating these characters has done just that. Can this affect be reversed? That remains to be seen.

Though obviously delusional, and in need of professional help, he continues to write (albeit with a very limited attention span). 

The good news; he still has a few tricks up his sleeve, and plenty of chuckles to share - through comics, children's pictures books, and soon, animated cartoons.

He also likes puppies and long walks on the beach. But that’s a story for another day.

Richard Deaver

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) When did Wally & Sid: Crackpots At-Large start?

A) Wally was the first character created back in 2009, but originally for a completely different purpose (you can read more about their origin on the Comics page in the December 20, 2018 and June 24, 2019 posts). The first children’s book featuring Wally & Sid — “A Pest at Wiseacre Farms” — was published in April 2018, and is available at too many places to provide a complete list, but Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target and WalMart are a few that carry it. You can get it in hard cover, paperback and eBook. The comic strip began in late 2018.

Q) Will you be writing any more children’s books on these characters?

A) That really depends on Wally & Sid. They’re a bit persnickety about what they do, and real pains in the butt, so it’s hard to get anything done with all of their complaining. But, yes. There will be more books written. There will also be compilations of the comics coming out in book form. Eventually.

Q) How often do new comics come out?

A) Right now we post a new comic each week on social media, and the website, but will soon be posting them much more frequently. We’re working on getting the strip syndicated, but Wally is kind of against it. He’s afraid he’ll have to work too hard. I think he’s lazy. Sid agrees with me.

Q) My newspaper doesn’t carry Wally & Sid. How can I get my paper to start running the comic?

A) Write. Email. Call. Send smoke signals. Deploy Carrier Pigeons. Beg. Pretty much anything to convince them they have loyal readers out there, and want a new, ahem, brilliant comic strip to grace their pages. Bribes work, too. But seriously (if I may), contact the Features Department at your local newspaper since they usually make these kind of decisions. You can also tell your friends and family to do the same (and follow Wally & Sid on social media). Again, bribes do work. Even with friends and family, and especially politicians.

Q) What if we see a mistake, or find one of the strips isn’t funny?

A) Any mistakes would have been made by others, namely Wally. He often sneaks into my studio at night to see what I’m working on, and if I don’t lock things up, he’ll make changes – usually so he’ll look better, but that’s where the mistakes come in. In terms of any strip not being funny? Also Wally. He lacks a funny bone. Anything that’s not funny was a strip he screwed up. Honest.

But if you see something, or really think something isn’t snot-bubbles funny, send me an email to Richard@treetopolis.com so I can take it up with Wally…and dock his pay.

Q) Why are the characters ‘pots’?

A) Why not? (Sid told me to answer it this way…under threat)

Q) How old are you?

A) Next question.

Q) Do you sell original strips?

A) No. They’ll be kept in a secret location far underground long after I’m gone. But you can get prints of them. Just send me an email @ Richard@treetopolis.com. Please include the pink slip to your car – especially if it’s a Ferrari.

Q) How can I get an autographed print of a strip?

A) Same answer as above. Email me, tell me which comic, and don’t forget the pink slip.

Q) Do you do book signings?

A) Absolutely! Just have your bookstore or library contact me.

Q) Can you include my name in the comics?

A) Remember that pink slip? Just make sure it’s a Ferrari.

Q) What influenced you to create these characters?

A) I grew up watching Looney Tunes, and The Three Stooges. They still make me laugh to this day. I also read the comics (we called them ‘funny papers’ back then) every day growing up. I still do. It amazes me that some of the old comics are still going strong. That says a lot about their quality, and loyal fans. Some of my favorites are Calvin and Hobbes, Peanuts, Far Side, Bloom County, Dilbert, Get Fuzzy and Pearls Before Swine. Mad Magazine was also required reading.

Q) Is it hard writing this comic?

A) Have you SEEN what these two do – and their friends? It’s a constant battle. They’re prima donnas and I’m constantly rewriting to suit them. This requires a lot of coffee, and a copious amount of swearing. I may have to start adding alcohol to the list.

Q) Is there any Wally & Sid merch available?

A) Funny you should ask! We’re actually designing an entire collection that will include apparel (t-shirts, sweats, hats, etc.), accessories (totes, backpacks), drinkware, and phone cases; beach towels, and even sneakers. We’ll also include skateboards with the characters on them. There’s no set date on when everything will be available, but if you sign up to receive emails, we will keep you posted on things.

Q) What’s going on with Wally & Sid TV?

A) We are developing animated cartoons that will run approximately 11 minutes each, and work with a distributor for broadcast or streaming. It’s a big undertaking, so there is no definite date when this will happen. We will most likely create a few shorts that will be available on our Wally & Sid YouTube channel. Please subscribe on our website for email updates.






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